The Short of It

I recently shifted my writing efforts from the long form (novels) to focus on writing short stories. I did this for the following two reasons: Craft Marketing Writing short stories are a great way to hone the various elements which make up good writing: Character Description Voice Plot Setting In addition, since short stories are, …

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My Book Connections

I love books and enjoy reading, searching for, and collecting them. I find a lot of my treasured keepsakes at independent and used book stores. I’d like to recommend several independent book emporiums in the Philadelphia region which I frequent. In the South Philly/Center City area, I patronize Head House Books https://www.headhousebooks.com/ and the Joseph …

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Top Cat

Stray Cat Blues

I received some much needed encouragement and inspiration from our local stray cat yesterday. I’m a dog person at heart, but have come to admire this creature, which I have named Catbert. This badass kitty has somehow managed to survive several winters through his skills and determination. I related this cat’s steadfastness in opposition to …

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